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Atlantic's service doors are recommended for openings and all types of standard or custom. For industrial, commercial and institutional buildings, our doors offer rugged protection against severe weather conditions as well as forced entry and fire. Rolling doors are mounted on the inside face of the opening, between jambs, or on the exterior face where clearance restrictions require such positioning. Curtains roll up compactly in a tight coil above the opening height, thus permitting full use of interior space.  The doors can be operated by motor, chain or crank hoist or, in the case of smaller doors, manually pushed up. Atlantic's production standard is based on windloadings of 20 pounds per square foot (87 miles per hour), with heavier windloadings to be met when necessary. Our doors can be constructed to withstand hurricane-forced winds and are approved by Dade County, Florida for the highest wind-load standards in the United States. See architectural specifications and model clearance detail below.


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Atlantic's Thermalseal Model 300 includes weather resistant features of a neoprene hood battle, bottom bar astragal and guide seals. Atlantic's superior insulated flat slat makes a firm fit along guides and offers the pleasing flat surface appearance which compliments modern architectural design.  Atlantic's Model 300 is engineered to reduce to a minimum the flow of heat and sound through the door, along with being engineered for performance. See architectural specifications and model clearance detail below. 

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Atlantic grilles are strong, durable and attractive grilles that provide see-through visibility , open ventilation and space efficient protection against entry. They are available in steel, aluminum or stainless steel and can be manual push-up, crank chain or motor operated. 

Atlantic grilles are designed to provide quiet and completely reliable operation with a minimum of servicing.  they are widely used and highly regarded for use in Shopping Centers, Garages, Banks, Art Galleries and similar locations.

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